Sunday, April 19, 2009

Temporary Digs

We have arrived to Oklahoma.

The house on our acreage in Mustang will be available the week of April 20, so we're trying to keep our hands and minds busy until then.

We have taken temporary lodging in a place called Candlewood Suites, a residential hotel. We expect to be here from one to three months while we whip the A-frame into shape.

We've been out there a few times to look around and I am happy to report that:
* The chicken house is intact and will only require some cleaning up and a little repair.
* Apparently no one ever harvested the garlic we planted the October before we moved to Cooperstown and it has naturalized, so with no effort on our part, we will get to harvest garlic this summer!

A LOT of work will be required to bring the rest of the place up to snuff. We'll know more once we can get inside and see what needs to be done there. I'll take pictures next time we go out there and post one or two.

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