Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008

(I think) I've figured out how to upload photos to an online album. You should be able to click the following link,, to see what I've uploaded so far (more is forthcoming). Looks like "everything" in my albums uploaded, so ignore the jewelry, unless, of course, you're interested in it, in which case you can see more at

My plan with this online album was primarily to make the few pics I shot available to the respective families we visited this Christmas. I have sketched through and done cursory light adjustments on the dark images and corrected any red eyes I noticed, so hopefully you can actually see the people in the pics and they won't look too scary, although some are still blurry.

Just Say Ho!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wrapping up 2008

We have completed the last craft show of our 2008 season (big sigh of relief) and will soon be preparing to take our annual trip through more southern states to visit all the branches of our family tree.

During the rush of show season so many pieces never make it to my website but go straight into the show circuit. Now that show season 2008 is over (for us, anyway) I look forward to getting more inventory on the website, which means more selection and convenient shopping for all my wonderful customers and friends.

If you wish to order merchandise from the website, especially for holiday gifts, you'll definitely want to complete your order by midnight on Monday December 15 so I can get it shipped or delivered before we head South. Don't - I said do not - wait until the last minute!

Gift Certificates, on the other hand, are not under such a deadline as they can be ordered at any time. In the ordering process you specify whether you wish to email the gift certificate directly to your recipient, or print it out on your own printer so that you can personally present it, as, for example, in a card or small package. Handier than a pocket on a shirt! Simply find the yellow "Buy Gift Certificate" button located on each and every page of my website, usually in the bottom left corner - scroll down - and click through to the form. Nothing could be easier, seriously.

By the way, in case you don't know, I also publish a newsletter. More of a marketing piece, it is - you can check out a sample copy here.