Friday, April 10, 2009


In late January we met a lovely couple who were looking to move to Cooperstown. They had a solid list of what they wanted, and were having trouble finding exactly what they were looking for in a house. When they listed their requirements to my husband Steve, he said, "Gee, that sounds like our house."

"Is your house for sale?"

"Oh, no."

"Well, could we take a look at it anyway?"

So they came to our house one weekend just before the middle of February and we showed them around. They fell in love with our house, just like we fell in love with it when we looked at it almost exactly seven years earlier and asked if we would consider selling it to them. Long story short, we quoted them a price and ...

The closing was on Wednesday April 8 and on Thursday the 9th we left Cooperstown with two rented trucks, our van and a trailer, all packed outrageously full of our earthly possessions, on our way back to Oklahoma.

A good thing about our businesses, mine as an artisan with an Internet store, and Steve's as a carpenter, is that these businesses are so portable. I can make jewelry and Steve can "make sawdust" anywhere that we can set up workspace. We look forward to setting up shop on our acreage in Mustang, Oklahoma.

Over the last seven years we have made so many dear friends in Cooperstown, Otsego County, throughout Central New York, and even across the state, both with my jewelry making and Steve's carpentry. We have both been quite active in the community as well and are sad to leave our many New York friends, but be assured, they do have mail service, phones, computers, and even the Internet in Oklahoma, so there is no reason we can't stay in contact!

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