Tuesday, January 4, 2011

About Eight Susquehanna

In the fall of 2005 I needed a pair of earrings to go with an outfit for a special occasion.I remembered I had an old case of beads, earwires, and other such supplies left over from a time I'd learned how to make a beaded bracelets. I found that old case and made the earrings I needed. While I had the beads out, I adorned a barrette to match, and then  made a bracelet and necklace while I was at it. My friends complimented me on these unusual items, especially the barrette.

Not long after that, some of my coworkers decided to put on a holiday craft sale, with a commission percentage to benefit a local food bank. I made up a passel of barrettes to take and, to my surprise and delight, sold every one! In an "Aha!" moment, my new hobby became a sideline business.

I decided to create a website for online sales. On the night of March 12, 2006 I was filling out the application for my new website and came across the question, "What is the name of your store?" Hmmm, business needs a name. I brainstormed, thinking of previous enterprises with which I had been associated and discovered a commonality in that many of them were named after places - Red Brick Studio, True Light Carrot Patch - geographic centers of creativity - and borrowed from my address at the time, 8 Susquehanna, as a name for my new jewelrymaking business, Eight Susquehanna. So it has been, and so it is - EightSusquehanna.

In January 2009 we made the acquaintance of a couple who were looking to move to Cooperstown. Long story short, this couple fell in love with our wonderful house at 8 Susquehanna, just as we had seven years previously. Even though the house was not on the market, the couple expressed an interest in purchasing it and a deal was struck. The sale of the house closed in April of 2009 and we took the opportunity to return to Oklahoma to be nearer to most of our family.
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