Thursday, November 20, 2008

Status Post: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When I went for my annual physical in the summer of 2005 I mentioned an ongoing health matter to my doctor, something I considered merely to be an annoying (very annoying) “normal abnormality.” He said, “This shouldn’t be going on this long. Let me send you for further evaluation.” I went, and was shocked to receive a cancer diagnosis.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I had a cancer that gave me a warning (even though I didn’t pay attention to that warning for several months), and we were able to catch it before it was too late. They got it all in surgery and I took a course of radiation just to be sure. Over three years post-op my doctor actually says I can consider myself “cured” of that particular form of cancer although I do go for regular check-ups.

It has been a life changing experience.

Now I make jewelry and sell it on the internet and at craft shows. October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to dedicate a percent of profits from my October’s jewelry sales to support the American Cancer Society as an expression of gratitude for what is literally my new lease on life. We are active in our local Relay for Life here in Central New York, but our local chapter is between seasons right now, so I sent the contribution directly to what I presume to be the main processing office in Oklahoma City, which also happens to be my original home town!

$45.00 isn't much in the overall scheme of things, but it is 5% + of my profits for all the jewelry I sold in October. Economic news in America looks pretty grim right now, but if I am able to keep making and selling jewelry, I hope to send a bigger check next year.

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