Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Photography Using the Cloud Dome Photography Products

I have been making jewelry for well over ten years, and have had some kind of website for at least eight of those ten years. Photography of my work, whether for the Internet, for catalogs, or for contest or juried show entry, had always been problematic.

In the beginning, I learned as much as I could from my fellow artisans about how to get good pictures.

Flash burn
 I found that getting good lighting was a mean trick. In fact, all the photos on the left are examples of the typical quality of photography I was able to achieve.

Sometimes the quality of light would cast an odd color to the photos. 

It might be too bright, or too dark. 

I tried all kinds of backgrounds, trying to get just the right one. 

Severe or awkward angles were a complete nightmare, and sometimes getting a good, sharp focus was nearly impossible, resulting in blurry, out of focus pictures. 

I quickly saw that even  my best designs, painstaking craftsmanship and quality materials simply took a back seat to awful photography when it came to representing my work.

I occasionally hired a professional photographer and graphic artist. He did magic with images of my work! I had never seen my pieces look so beautiful in photos before, and my customers voted their agreement with their pocketbooks.

But hiring a photographer/ graphic artist has its drawbacks. First of all, one has to have enough work ready to shoot to justify his time on picture day. Secondly, his time is dearly expensive.

Then I discovered Cloud Dome. What a happy day that was for me! I have a nice, big Canon camera, so I ordered the Original Cloud Dome with the Universal Bracket. I was pleased with the attentive and thoughtful service I received, and was absolutely amazed at the quality of pictures I was able to take of my jewelry!

Then, about the time I got my first smartphone, they came out with the Nimbus Dome Products, which are designed for use with smartphones. Once I saw this video on YouTube my mind was made up. I ordered the Nimbus Dome and haven't looked back!  
In fact, all the photos on the right were taken with the Cloud Dome Nimbus and my smartphone. You can easily see what a difference it makes!

If you are an artisan, a coin merchant, a vintage goods seller, or anyone  who relies on photographs to help you with your sales or presentations, I urge you to take a look at 
Cloud Dome Quality Photography Products for Professional Results. And when you place your order, be sure to use Promo Code  Vicki10 for 10% off your order!
Photographed with 
Cloud Dome Nimbus on 
black velvet background

Severe lighting
Same barrette as the one on the left
Photographed with Cloud Dome Nimbus on available white background pad.

Barrette available at

Lighting added an odd color cast
Perfect color and exposure - Photographed with 
Cloud Dome Nimbus on 
cardboard background.

Use Promo Code Vicki10 for 10% off your Cloud Dome order!
Use Promo Code Vicki10 for 10% off your Cloud Dome order!
Awkward lighting, reflections, and flash
Perfect lighting, perfect color, photographed with
Cloud Dome Nimbus in 
white ceramic dish.

Glasses leash available at
Use Promo Code Vicki10 for 10% off your Cloud Dome order!
 Perfectly clear and sharp image, photographed with
Cloud Dome Nimbus on smooth dark background.