Tuesday, May 24, 2011

About the Artisan and Crafters Venue, ArtFire


I want to tell you what I love about selling on ArtFire - Where to begin?

First of all, it's so easy to sign up with ArtFire and begin selling. I heard about it from another creative friend and looked into it. There's a Basic version (free)  and a Pro version (for a small monthly fee). Like many others, I started out with the Basic version, but soon upgraded to the Pro version because it has so many more options behind the scenes.

The Help Center has a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your ArtFire store. Really, all you have to do is read the black part and follow the uber simple directions!

Help Center also has a 45 Day Guide, which walks you through exactly what to do to make your most successful ArtFire store. It even includes Work Days, since, as a crafter, you have to make some things to list, right? The 45 Day Guide also includes information on blogging your ArtFire Studio, setting up social media, such as Twitter  and Facebook, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and indexing tutorials, and even advice on creating your business cards.

There is a beehive of community on ArtFire - forums of other artisans and crafters, as well as guilds in various disciplines, in addition to the ArtFire staff - plenty of help available!

There are badges called Artifacts for which you can apply if you meet the criteria, and then you can display the artifacts in the artifact section of your profile, if you wish. Right now I'm pulling together what I need to submit to apply for a Certified Handmade Artisan artifact. More information about that as it becomes available.

If you're on Facebook, you can get an ArtFire Kiosk for Facebook!

And look here: When ever you visit an ArtFire Studio, you can see when was the last time the artisan checked in  - so part of my daily routine is to go to MyArtFire to Check-In as well as check for orders and add items to my Studio - and you can see, if the artisan has checked in recently, they are more likely to be involved, which means you get better and more personal service.

...And I love the ArtFire Dashboard page. Everything is laid out easy to see, easy to follow. You can even see where referrals to your ArtFire Studio are coming from in the Latest Incoming Referring URLs.

So check it out - take a look at ArtFire for your artisan or craft sales venue!

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